Increase Your Inventory Turns by 50%

Having an access to your dealership’s inventory online as quickly as possible just makes good business sense. To upload vehicle photos to your inventory it is necessary to have computer, camera and time. It’s not always convenient and time-consuming too. But Autoxloo designed special mobile app for smartphone and tablets that gives you opportunity transform your existing mobile phone to let you easily and quickly take photos and video of your vehicle inventory in real-time.

Slingshot Mobile works by scanning the vehicle’s VIN and decoding main information about the car that will describe how the car was utilized in the past. In few easy steps you will finish process of uploading by adding all info about the car you want and you’re done! Upload newly acquired vehicles or take a look at your existing vehicle inventory. All data is synchronized with your DMS. There is no need to enter data twice.

Consider the time lost waiting for the vehicle to be delivered and scheduling a third party to take pictures. And think about the difference with simplified process using Slingshot. Besides, new amazing features from Autoxloo, are not only to take pictures in real time, but also make video or videos of a vehicle and attach them in a few minutes!Moreover, this video is automatically uploading to your dealership or YouTube channel.

You have lost Internet connection? It’s not a problem! Upload all necessary data, your vehicles will just have pending status, and when the connection is restored, vehicles will be uploaded automatically. Enjoy the ability to upload or check your vehicle inventory offline!

There are no more difficulties and confusing software. Easy to use technology: download app, install it and start to upload vehicles. With SlingShot Mobile you can go online and manage your inventory from just about anywhere. At the auction, in the showroom or on a business meeting. This software has simple, intuitive interface that you will understand in a few seconds. You can reduce inventory turn rates by up to 10 days!

Speed Up Your Upload Process